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The last eight teams in the World Cup 2010

So now we’re down to the last eight and we have got an idea of how these all play after having watched them four times (well some of us have). Here’s the eight that have made it to the quarter finals, with those I predicted would win their last sixteen game in bold:

  1. Uruguay
  2. Ghana
  3. Germany
  4. Argentina
  5. Holland
  6. Brazil
  7. Paraguay
  8. Spain

I think there might be an argument for heart over head there, being as the only result I got wrong was that of England’s…

I think, much as I don’t want to say this, that Brazil are actually going to win the cup now, which will not be fun, as that’ll be six times with the next tournament in their own backyard. Hopefully someone in the other half of the draw (Germany/Argentina/Spain) can stop them but I’m just not so sure.

Who do you think will win?

Day Nineteen: Spain vs Portugal [Predictions]

Probably the biggest of the last sixteen matches, as the country ranked second in the world take on the country ranked third. Very much a clash of the titans and one that I’m a little worried might end up not being that entertaining at all.

You never know though, Spain might get an early goal and set up a classic…

Mark predicts: 2-1

Etina predicts: 2-2

Maddoc predicts: 2-1

Audrey predicts: 0-5 (calm it girl!)

Day Nineteen: Paraguay vs Japan [Predictions]

One of the most interesting meetings of the last sixteen this one, as neither team is a big favourite and, regardless of the result today, the winner will be expected to lose to Spain or Portugal in the quarter final.

I’ve been impressed with both of the teams and I really, really do love watching Honda, and think he might be my favourite player of the whole tournament. I would love to see Japan win, purely for him but I think Paraguay are going to edge it, maybe in extra-time but I’m going for normal time for this one.

Mark predicts: 2-1

Etina predicts: 2-1

Maddoc predicts: 0-1

Audrey predicts: 0-5

Day Eighteen: Brazil vs Chile [Predictions]

Anyone who knows me well knows I’ll be rooting for Chile tonight. I don’t think they’ll win though, as they’re playing a very compact and solid side in Brazil. I usually think the Brazilians are a little overrated but this year they’ve got it where it counts and they could well win again (please, please let that not be so).

Mark predicts: 3-1

Etina predicts: 2-1

Maddoc predicts: 0-0 (more details to follow)

Audrey predicts: [to follow]

Day Eighteen: Holland vs Slovakia [Predictions]

Well at least one of my tips for the final is still in the tournament and today could see a very interesting quarter final set up of Holland vs Brazil. There is just the small matter of getting rid of Slovakia and Chile along the way.

I think Holland should have an easier time of it, seeing as Slovakia were in one of the weakest groups and didn’t really do anything of note (except beat Italy). Holland have been really strong and I think they are going to show they are worthy contenders by giving Slovakia a bit of a kicking today.

Mark predicts: 3-0

Etina predicts: [to follow]

Maddoc predicts: [to follow]

Audrey predicts: 5-1

Day Seventeen: Argentina vs Mexico [Predictions]

Of course I’m still interested in the World Cup and much as I would have loved England to go further it was not to be. Tonight we see who will play Germany in the Quarter final and the thought of Argentina is a very exciting prospect.

Mexico have played well, a good win against France and an exciting bunch of young players. However, they come up against one of my tips for the tournament now and I can’t see them getting past this particular hurdle.

Mark predicts: 2-0

Etina predicts: 3-2

Maddoc predicts: 0-1

Audrey predicts: 0-0 (after full time) 1-2 (AET)

Day Seventeen: Germany vs England [Predictions]

And after seeing Ghana’s impressive performance last night, it’s soon time to watch England in their match against Germany, hoping they can also pull off a shock (seems many think Germany will win).

I’m not too worried about the game, being as Germany looked solid against a very weak Australia side, struggled against an OK Serbian side and then struggled against a tight Ghana team. Neither Germany nor England have had an easy time of it and I think this will be a pretty even match. However, I think we are going to edge it.

It’ll be an interesting atmosphere in the flat today, as we have seven people viewing the game, one of them an Assyrian, two of them half English/half Assyrian, an Englishman, a German and two half German/half Swedish…


Mark predicts: 1-2

Etina predicts: [to follow]

Maddoc predicts: [to follow]

Audrey predicts: 1-2

Wolfram [guest] predicts: [to follow]

Wendela [guest] predicts: [to follow]

Hermine [guest] predicts: [to follow]

Day Sixteen: U.S.A. vs Ghana[Predictions]

Well now we’re down to fifteen teams and if the rest of this round is played at the tempo of the last match I’ll be happy. Much as I think the group games have their place and importance there is nothing like knockout cup football!

Maybe I should now start taking note of Etina’s predictions, being as she has four correct scores to my one. Or maybe I’ll be a stubborn sod and just do it my way as usual…;)

I think this will be a tough game, a litte bit might be made of the fact that Ghana were actually the nation that stopped the U.S.A. from progessing in 2006, especially as it was with a very contentious penalty…

A draw sounds about right with Ghana going through on penalties. Nothing like being exact eh?

Mark predicts: 1-1 FT 1-1 AET 3-5 Penalties

Etina predicts: 1-1 FT [refuses to give extra time scores yet]

Maddoc predicts: 0-1

Audrey predicts: 1-1 FT 1-1 AET 2-5 Penalties

Day Sixteen: Uruguay vs South Korea[Predictions]

First match of the last sixteen and I’m very much looking forward to this for several reasons. Forlan has been one of my favourite players of the tournament so far, and much as I wanted them to go out in the group stages, I think they’re looking good for a quarter final place. South Korea have impressed too and were it not for the strength of Uruguay, I could tip them too.

Mark predicts: 2-0

Etina predicts: 2-1

Maddoc predicts: 0-0

Audrey predicts: 4-3 (Oh what a cracking game that would be!)

The official last sixteen

You might remember my post where I predicted the last sixteen after each country had only played one match. If not I give you last sixteen, with the teams I predicted to go further in bold:

  1. Uruguay
  2. Mexico (I said France here)
  3. Argentina
  4. South Korea (I said Nigeria here)
  5. USA
  6. England
  7. Germany
  8. Ghana
  9. Holland
  10. Japan (I said Denmark here)
  11. Paraguay
  12. Slovakia (I said Italy here)
  13. Brazil
  14. Portugal (I said Ivory Coast here)
  15. Spain
  16. Chile (I said Switzerland here)

I don’t if that’s good or bad (10 out of 16) as I didn’t go for too many risk choices, although I did make my guesses after only one match from each team. It’s pretty obvious that teams played very differently in the matches that followed and this tournament has been really hard to get any solid idea about as yet.

Current scores in the prediction league are as follows:

  1. Etina: 28 points
  2. Mark: 22 points
  3. Maddoc: 19 points
  4. Audrey: 15 points

Some work needed here I feel!

Time for more predictions I think…