Daily Archives: 24/08/2006

What the hell is going on in science world?

First I heard there was going to be 12 planets in our solar system and now I’ve just found out there are only 8… WTF?

Bye Bye Pluto

I’m confused and scared…

5 great things on a Thursday evening

I’m back… erm… did you actually… like… notice I was away?

1. Tom Waits:
Make a note in your diary, 21st November, 3 CDs, 54 songs, title: Orphans. How excited are you? I’m practically tingling with excitement!

2. Silverudden:
The filming is now over, we now have a film ready to be edited and I am so looking forward to the preview of my manuscript on the big screen!

3. Battlestar Galactica:
Have now seen the whole of season two of BSG (something I thought I’d done a few months ago… lol) and it really has been fun. Can’t wait until season three in October!

4. Carnivale:
Thank you so much to jadeweasal for recommending this as I have just watched episode one of the first season and it is really impressive, looking very much forward to the rest!

5. Newspod:
I’m sat here listening to half an hour of snippets from the news in England… ain’t technology grand?