Daily Archives: 25/08/2006

And I’m off again…

In four hours I will be catching the bus to the airport before flying to London for the weekend. It is the head-wetting party for Maddoc and there will be six of us in total.

We get there at around 23:00 tonight and then we’ll have a wander around London tomorrow before going to watch Crystal Palace vs Burnley at Selhurst Park. Then we are going to spend the rest of the evening in London (with hilarious results).

See you soon…

Here’s how it goes…

eneit‘s suggestion for the next celebration was this:

Celebration Winner

So here’s how we start: the first five to give me a song nomination get to see what songs go in for the poll. The when those five songs have been voted for I will set up a poll for category A or B.

Get to it flist and may the force be with you…

We’re done, poll coming soon!

The poll is closed

and here are the results:

Celebration Poll

This means that there will be another poll set up shortly as there are two choices in the winner’s suggestion.

The Mind Boggles!

‘We chose the name in ignorance and not from malice’… well you have to be pretty damn ignorant is all I can say!

Inappropriate Restaurant Name

It’s Video time again!

Here’s the Friday pick for this week:

Tom WaitsI Don’t Wanna Grow Up Dedicated to pocket_unv for his recent passion and jadeweasal for loving the great man too! I chose another of Tom’s today to celebrate the news of his upcoming album!

Depeche ModeBlasphemous Rumours  I don’t play this song (or this band enough) and my first thought when I see this vidoe is you can never have too many pans falling down the stairs! LOL

Massive AttackTeardrop  A great video, great song and great choice having Liz Fraser as guest vocalist!

Patrick WolfLibertine The album of the year for 2005 and one of the finest songs from last year too.

Sufjan StevensCasimir Pulaski Day  Should have had the album of the year last year this guy if I’d have had my head screwed on! The song is beautiful and tragic too!