Daily Archives: 14/08/2006

The funniest possible…

… name for me at the moment (it’s Barry Adamson’s fault for reminding me) is:

Theresa Green

What’s yours (funniest, not actual (unless it is really funny!))?

Things are moving on now…

It’s been a manic kinda time recently although now there is a light at the end of the tunnel (with no freight train in sight… honourable mention if you identify where this snippet is from!) and things are a moving (like my monkey ass to this album!)

We start filming on Friday! Yay! Over the weekend I managed to bag my lead man Tobias Almborg, who was f**king brilliant in a play here in Norrköping last year. He is added to the two female lead roles from Tjenare Kungen, Cecilia Wallin and Josefin Neldén. we also have Fyr Thorvald Strömberg (from many films) and a new boy Matthias Redbo, for our five main parts.

It’s a 15 minute film (for those new to this journal) and goes by the name of Silverudde and I have decided on Silver Bay as the English title as I didn’t like the direct translation, which is Silver Cape (too much like a dodgy comic book character there!).

We will begin Friday at four in the afternoon until two in the morning and then continue in this way Saturday, Sunday and Monday with Tuesday as a back up day.

I’m looking forward to it and there is going to be a lot going on over the next few days! Watch this space… well not this one… you know what I mean!

We are also trying to sort out the Christening for our little cherub in September/October in England and that is proving difficult with the fact that I am here… lol!

The film festival deadline was extended and so I’ve got another couple of weeks to select films for my Competition section in October (is that good or bad… I’m not sure yet!).

Ooh this is getting like one of those real posts, I can’t be having that! I’m off!

Celebration time once more…

 As you know you followers of crazy ideas, such as cats and Prat(t)chett, there is celebration abound in honour of my 100 mutual friends… but wait one minute… welcome to lurvelille and dracschick… it’s 102 now and so that means my celebration offer has changed:

The first five (that’s five) to send me an idea of what should be my next celebration activity will be put into a poll (to be voted by the rest of the cast) and then the winner’s activity will be undertaken sometime next week.

Did that make sense (it didn’t to me!)?

Okay people, a good idea for an activity for the LJ!

Done and poll is on its way…

It’s like some déjà vu conspiracy…

Due to a comment sparking off its own mini-debate on my LJ flist, I am curious as to one thing (answers are encouraged):

What’s this big thing with Terry Pratchett then?

If you haven’t got him as an icon, you have a book (or several books), are getting a book (or several books) or are thinking of getting one of his books (and possibly even several).

Did I miss something?

Misquote time!

I just thought of a quote I got wrong for several years and actually prefer my version:

“Is that you baby, or just a bridge in disguise?”

(Hey come on it’s The Boss, he could easily write sub-standard lyrics like this… lol!)

Please, please, please send me your misquotes that made the song better/worse/weird/saner.

I await your words with almost insatiable interest!